Club Contacts updated Fall 2022

Here is the current list of Club Information:


Club Name Contact Name Cell Phone Email
AAFC Patriots      
 Contact/President  Chris Rettig 419-265-1693  
 Registrar/Field Contact  Chris Rettig
 Referee Assignor  Garrett Reese 419-356-9416
Ada Soccer Club      
 Contact/President  Aftan Dewese 937-509-7796
 Registrar/Field Contact  Aftan Dewese 937-509-7796
 Referee Assignor  Phil Riegle 419-306-3658
Anthony Wayne United      
 Contact/President  Robin Martin 419-450-0603
 Registrar/Field Contact  Ben Barrett 419-704-7641
 Referee Assignor  Brian Billings 419-344-3704
Archbold Bluestreaks      
 Contact/President  Jen Kidder 419-572-1090
 Registrar/Field Contact  Jen Kidder
 Referee Assignor  Jen Kidder 419-572-1090
Bedford Travel      
 Contact/President  Amy Helpman 419-376-4766
 Registrar  Amy Helpman
 Field Contact  Brad Bushroe 419-708-5796
 Referee Assignor  Lori McCloud 734-777-5120
Bluffton SC      
 Contact/President  Becky Schwartz 419-889-7682
 Registrar  Amy Byers 419-631-4514
 Field Contact  Jeremy Scoles 419-722-8907
 Referee Assignor  Joe Parcell 419-306-3881
Bowling Green SC      
 Contact/President  Robert Tam 419-807-1640

 Contact/President   Brian Hughes 419-376-9385
 Registrar  Robert Tam 419-807-1640; 
 Referee Assignor  Joe Parcell 419-306-3881
Bryan Soccer Assoc      
 Contact/President  Mandy Hanna 419-630-5006
 Registrar/Field Contact  Mike Burton 419-630-7678
 Referee Assignor  Adam Subasic 919-798-5293 
Defiance SC      
 Contact/President  Coit Black 419-783-9550
 Registrar  Coit Black
 Field Contact  Brock Lime 419-438-0194
 Referee Assignor  Carl Schroeder 419-769-1656
Delta SC      
 Contact/President  Jessica York 419-270-0096
 Registrar  Jessica York
 Field Contact  KJ Abair or Jessica
 Referee Assignor  KJ Abair 419-340-2270
Eagles FC      
  Contact/President   Jill Leatherman 419-230-5198
  Registrar   Jill Leatherman 419-230-5198
 Field Contact  Chad Lieb 419-957-6297
  Referee Assignor   Randy Molyet 419-420-4810
ESSL Arsenal      
 Contact/President  George Lengel 419-260-2856
 Registrar  Kendra Buchanan 419-340-6348 clubadmin@esslarsenal.orgm
 Field Contact  Tony Arent 419-360-0551
 Referee Assignor  Brianne Hagemann 419-261-8563
Evergreen SC      
 Contact/President  Shane Hein 419-270-9490
 Registrar/Field Contact  Shane Hein
 Referee Assignor  Danielle Wolfe 419-345-9846
Fremont Emeralds SC      
  Contact/President   Jillian Estep 419-307-0135
  Registrar   Alicia De Walt 419-307-5913
 Field Contact  Chad Kinsey 419-680-0320
  Referee Assignor   Randy Molyet 419-420-4810
Glass City SC      
 Contact/President  Dino Boraggina 419-392-2869
 Registrar  Jamie Otting 419-290-6288
 Field Contact  Tom Barriger 419-376-0201
 Referee Assignor  Aaron Wolfe 419-345-9849
GTFC Impact      
 President  Michael Aubry
 Registrar  Jodi Brown 419-704-6163
 Registrar  Elaine Stead 419-392-4005
 Contact/Field Contact  Michael Albert 513-477-9481
 Referee Assignor  Aaron Wolfe/Randy Molyet
Hancock Fusion      
 Contact/President  Steve Clymer 419-957-5916
 Registrar  Steve Clymer 419-957-5916
 Referee Assignor  Randy Molyet 419-420-4810
Liberty Benton      
 Contact/President  Jospeh O Toole 513-390-8759 Josephotoole2015
 Registrar  Carissa Roengarten 419-236-1142
 Referee Assignor  Randy Molyet 419-420-4810
 Liberty Center      
 Contact/President  Tammy Davis 419-343-9729
 Registrar  Tammy Davis
 Referee Assignor  KJ Abair 419-340-2270
Maumee Soccer Club      
 Contact/President  Jeremiah McNutt 419-343-5487
 Registrar  Sue Sherwin 419-466-9714
 Field Contact  Chad Kain
 Referee Assignor  Danielle Wolfe 419-345-9849
Monroe Area Soccer Assoc       
 Contact/President  Bill Swinkley 734-243-2666
 Registrar  Scott Chaffin 734-652-0139
 Field Contact  Scott Chaffin 734-652-0139
 Referee Assignor  Nick Venne 734-770-2449
Napoleon SC      
 Contact/President  Rob Gallagher 419-966-3513
 Registrar/Field Contact  Rob Gallagher 419-966-3513
 Referee Assignor  KJ Abair 419-340-2270
Oregon Crew      
 Contact/President  Bethany Williams 419-304-6884
 Registrar  Andrea Musselman 419-466-3555
 Field Contact  Tim Borton 419-575-0706
 Referee Assignor  Garrett Reese 419-356-9416
Ottawa Hills FC Dynamo      
 Contact/President  James Nooney 305-931-1022
 Registrar/Field Contact  James Nooney 305-931-1022
 Referee Assignor  Danielle Wolfe 419-345-9849
Pacesetter SC      
 EDOC  Matthew Mountford
 Registrar  Tamara Brock 419-913-9750
 Field Contact  Brian Hall 419-885-1982
 Referee Assignor  Aaron Wolfe 419-340-6220
Pacesetter South      
 Contact/President  Kevin Shenise 419-722-8220
 Registrar  Nikki Wortman 419-348-2646
 Field Contact  Kevin Shenise 419-722-8220
 Referee Assignor  Lynn Parsell 419-306-0564
Perrysburg SC      
 Contact/President  Dennis Jeansonne 440-539-8303
 Registrar  Diane Aikman 419-205-1612
 Field Contact  Ian Graham 419-870-9797
 Referee Assignor  Garrett Reese 419-356-9416
Putnam County Futbol Club      
 Contact/President  Kyle Verhoff 419-560-2778
 Registrar  Sarah Niese 419-969-0655
 Field Contact  Austin Varner 419-615-3869
 Referee Assignor  Roger Scott 419-302-8798
Riverdale SC      
 Contact/President  Chad Mowery 419-722-1997
 Registrar  Lisa O'Flaherty 419-348-2494
 Field Contact  John Alger 567-208-6166
 Referee Assignor  Phil Riegle 419-306-3658
Shawnee Select SC      
 Contact/President  Jim Stover 419-235-0358
 Registrar  Brett Stover 419-235-5075
 Field Contact  Ryan Pohlman 419-733-1848
 Referee Assignor  Roger Scott 419-302-8798
Spartans Football Club      
 Contact/President  Benjamin Buckenmeyer 419-490-3232
 Registrar  Bethany Buckenmeyer 419-464-1656
 Field Contact  Nathan Duricek 419-392-4877
 Referee Assignor  Danielle Wolfe 419-345-9849
Swanton Storm SC      
 Contact/President  Lyndsey Rico 419.280.6074
 Registrar/Field Contact  Lyndsey Rico 419.280.6074
 Referee Assignor  KJ Abair 419-340-2270
Sylvania United      
 Contact/President  Jeff Bernyk 419-8821500.229
 Registrar  Jeff Bernyk 517-270-1432
 Field Contact  Brian Hall 419-882-1500
 Referee Assignor  Danielle Wolfe 419-345-9849
Toledo Celtics      
 Contact/President  Lee Aliakbar 419-283-8787
 Registrar  Yadi Aliakbar 419-473-9490
 Referee Assignor  Hassan Touray 214-923-2218
Van Buren SC      
 Contact/President  Aaron Grieger 419-788-6385
 Registrar/Field Contact  Aaron Grieger 419-788-6385
 Referee Assignor  Bethany Henderson 419-722-2295
Wauseon Soccer Club      
 Contact/President  Matt Mennetti 567-454-6295
 Registrar/Field Contact  Jerrie Reeder (419) 410-1624
 Referee Assignor  Hugo Barajas
Woodmore FC      
 Contact/Registrar  Shannon Avers 419-357-8543
 Contact/Firld Contact  Christopher Buckanan 419-343-0784
 Referee Assignor  Randy Molyet 419-420-4810