Schedule Update

Hi everyone,
Well, there is a lot to be said for timing in life!  Quite ironic how we opened the scheduling process yesterday and then Lucas County recommends no school and no sports!  Although this doesn’t affect everyone, there is definite impact in our league.  With that said, all scheduling should stop at this time. 
WHY?  I have spoken with Ohio South today.  Three things solidified this decision right now. 
Number one--it is expected that we will receive some guidance from the governor early next week.  I am sure you may be shaking your head right now not believing me!  And I understand that.  But, the governor (in today’s press conference) has stated that he will be discussing it next week.  Why is it coming now?  I am sure that many of you saw the news out of Warren County.  A preliminary injunction against the State of Ohio was GRANTED.  People/entities are now allowed to host basketball , soccer and contact sport tournaments and leagues in Warren County.  It is reasonable to expect this could occur across the state.   So, sports discussions really cannot be avoided any longer. 
Number two--Ohio South will be sending out guidance on moving forward next week as well. 
Number three—we have seen a club withdraw from participating this season because of the current circumstances.  And the potential for additional team/club cancellations is an obvious possibility.  It is our hope that today through Monday/Tuesday gives your club the opportunity to ensure your ability to move forward (if given the go ahead from Ohio South).  It is realistic to expect that schedules will need some adjusting and will change.  Trust me---we love this just as much as you!  Not fun times!  
With all that said—I am putting this out there now—if our season is able to happen, we will not begin play until September 8 (pending approval and guidance) and the season will end November 1.  This will allow more time for scheduling to take place and for our office to inform referee assignors.  One of these days we will be back to normal and the worst thing we deal with is a rainy weekend and lots of reschedules.  
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Have a good weekend.
Jen Kidder
President, NWOYSL